What happened to the mix bikini after Shark Tank?

What is Mix Bikini?

Frank Skozafava and Adam DiSilvestro are the founders of Mix Bikini, a company that specializes in interchangeable swimsuits. Mix Bikini Products sells her clothes online, allowing her to customize her suit.

They did a soft launch in Shark Tank with very few sales and then went on to sell for $9.99 each. The total cost of the full bikini ranges from $40 to 50. And they want to set up kiosks in their malls.

Frank comes out with such a passionate sales pitch. He doesn’t know how to run a business, but he is passionate. Let us tell you what happened to the mix bikini shark tank after the shark tank.

What happened to the mix bikini after Shark Tank?

Frank Skozafawa was the founder of Mix Bikini. Her bikini vision entered Shark Tank in 2014 to pitch Joe Mix Bikini (now Versacini), which is a line of reversible and interchangeable bikini swimsuits.

Here Barbara Corcoran invested $ 50,000 in the company instead of 25 per cent.

Let us tell you that in a Beyond the Tank episode, it is revealed that Skozafawa hosted a lavish party in Manhattan (with a price tag of at least $50k) to celebrate the Shark Tank deal. .

Here Corcoran was worried. But the good news is that Mix bikini designer Kelsey Duffy has turned the ship.

In which Mix has joined for re-branding the bikini as Versacini. And Skozafwa started another company, Zap Share Ride, which rents electric vehicles (scooters, small vehicles) by the hour.

A year after joining Shark Tank, Kelsey partnered with former Project Runway contestant Amanda Perna to create a line of Versakinis featuring Amanda’s prints. Which she launched at Miami Swim Week 2016. And it was well-received. New episodes of Shark Tank air Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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