Bravo app shark tank Update : What Happened to Bravo Tipping App after Shark Tank

Bravo Tipping App Shark Tank Update:- Bravo is a type of cashless transaction software that allows Valet Attendants, Sports, Chefs, Buskers, Comedians, Musicians or Yoga Teachers to create a store. Where their consumers can easily pay. And the user is not obliged to disclose any personal information in order to do so. Bravo makes finding artists, wallets, and other service providers a breeze.

And like a fan, you can show your support by purchasing experiences like meet-and-greets, pre-concert passes, limited editions and backstage items for the people you love.

Maria Luna and Hector Rodriguez founded Bravo in Phoenix, Arizona. And they seem to have two ways to make money.

1. Through the transaction fee associated with each payment
2. and through a machine learning function

Which can be marketed separately to retailers based on anticipated usage and spending patterns.

To get paid you can search by name or other users nearby like musicians can have a bravo name for which audience members can send suggestions.

Who is the founder of Bravo Tipping App?

Bravo app shark tank Update : What Happened to Bravo Tipping App after Shark Tank
Bravo app shark tank Update: What Happened to Bravo Tipping App after Shark Tank

Maria Luna and Hector Rodriguez Dey created Bravo in Phoenix, Arizona. After being unable to tip their trekking guide in 2013, the husband and wife team came up with this notion again in 2013. Because Hector is a gastroenterologist, the two have other endeavours available, but they are all linked by a medicine regimen. He also wanted to start a tech firm and saw his challenges as an opportunity to do so..

The Bravo app allows tipping and/or payment by those who use it. It offers a GPS capability that shows the users nearby providers.. Anyone from restaurant waiters to tour guides can use the Bravo Tipping App. In order to make payments, each user and service provider furnishes the app with banking information, but no personal information is sent anywhere else.

Here users simply pay with their credit or debit cards, and suppliers are paid directly into their bank accounts.

Money is sent out in one to three days. It is simple to use and does away with the need to carry currency. The Bravo app is entirely free to download and use. They also make money by levying a 2% fee on each transaction.

What Happened to Bravo Tipping App after Shark Tank?

Since their episode aired on Shark Tank and the pair walked away with a deal, Mark and Lori’s deal has never concluded.

The company began taking cryptocurrency payments in 2019. Bravo is likewise attempting to use geofencing advertising.

Geofencing marketing is a sort of location-based marketing that allows professional service providers to communicate with their Smartphone customers in a specific geographic location through mobile websites or applications.

Geofencing is a location-based programme that uses Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, and radio-frequency identification, among other technologies (RFID)

As of January 2022, the company is still in business, with annual revenue of $2 million.

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