What Happened after Paleo Diet shark tank

What Happened after Paleo Diet shark tank

Shauna and Todd Sledge are CrossFit enthusiasts who follow a Paleo diet. As a result, they eat mostly meat, vegetables, fruit, and nuts – no processed foods, gluten, or grains. Paleo dieters enjoy snacking as well, so Shauna created her own Paleo Diet Bar.

It is available in two flavours: Cranberry Almond and Cinnamon Raisin. They pitched their company on Shark Tank in May 2015, but they were unable to close a deal.

The Sledges were actively seeking investors in April 2016. “We’ve done the R&D,” Shauna said at the time, “but we need to find cash to market those (two additional varieties).” “Right now, money is the most important thing,” Todd remarked.

We simply need to raise funds. It’s quite costly to build a brand, and we’ve been largely self-funded thus far.” The Paleo Diet Bars website is currently unavailable, and the product is no longer available on Amazon.

Shauna continued her day work as a qualified dental hygienist and spinning teacher, according to LinkedIn. Todd also owns and operates his own real estate firm in Denver, Colorado.

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