Truthsocial com App Download For Android, iPhone, Features 2022

Truthsocial com App Download For Android, iPhone Know The Recent updates 2022: Read this article to discover the details of the social media platform launched by the former President and reveal the workings of the Truthsocial Com app. Are you waiting for Trump’s social media app? What will be the purpose of this app? For whom has all the device interfaces been launched yet?

Donald Trump is in the news all over the media channels and internet after recently revealing the news about his app launch. This United States-based application is free to all users, providing a platform for them to express their views.

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What is Truth Social App?

The app is considered as America’s big tent, as Truth Social is another social media platform launched by former US President- Donald Trump for users. Social Media Platform is also known as Trump Social Media Platform is owned and operated by TMTG (T Media Tech LLC. Technology Group).

The app is sold by TMTG on the App Store. The sole purpose of this platform is to encourage free, open and honest dialogue with the people without any political boundaries.

Features of TruthSocial Com App

The tagline of the app says- Increase the reach of your voice by joining and signing up for TRUTH deals, posting videos and photos for scenarios to keep the world updated, and coming up with your own pre-TRs and truths. Some of the major platform features that you need to know-

Truth Feed – Like all other platforms, users will be able to scroll down the posts and videos shared by people around the world, searching the feed for enhanced facts.

Profile- The app allows you to set your own unique profile, background and avatar. The app allows you to track people with similar activities, connect them with you and better links.

Notifications – Receive notification for each follower, and activity related to your account, track who is following you and be able to view your feed.

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Download Google Play Store and Apple Store?

We would like to inform our readers that the app is not yet launched for installation. But, you can pre-order it on the Apple Store. Also, the app launch for Android users is yet to be discussed, with rumours of it launching soon on the internet.

– To install the app, open the Google Play Store and search for it. Find the one launched by TMTG and install it on your devices for enhanced accessibility.

– For Apple users, search for the app on your App Store. Go for the one launched by TMTG, click on pre-order to know the details and install.


His app for Donald Trump and Truth Social is already in the campaign in the United States. However, as already mentioned, it has not been launched yet for android. Hence the easy installation steps and working of the same are explained in the article for better clarity.

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