What about the Supreme court doxxed?

Through today’s post, I will tell you about the supreme court doxxed, have you heard the news of a group of activists who have been banned from Tiktok? You know why? We will tell you why this incident happened. A few days ago, an announcement on the pro-abortion case went viral, and many turned against the six-judge decision that reached a specific conclusion. The people of United States, Canada and United Kingdom were very surprised to know about this incident. Let us tell you about the details of Supreme Court Doxxed below.

What about the Supreme court doxxed?

This news came to light when a group of radical activists pulled up the judges of the Supreme Court in the Row Vs Wade case and for this reason they were banned from Tiktok. Also the decision did not go down well with the group, and a backup account was created to complain about the ban. In which it was mentioned that their accounts were banned. And the group’s accounts were largely banned. He contacted followers to lobby the legal team and restore their accounts. He also shared a screenshot mentioning that he has violated the norms of Community Guidelines.

What does doxxed mean?

Many people are wondering about the meaning of doxed. We will tell you what it means. Doxxed means publishing personal information about an individual with negative or malicious intent. The same happened with Supreme Court judges, where information was leaked by an activist group who were not happy with the court’s decision regarding the abortion of fetuses. The activity led to his ban, and now he’s trying to get his accounts restarted with the help of his followers.

Details on Supreme Court Doxxed

The banned account contained footage of protests where women were dressed in some interesting characters inspired by Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel, The Handmaid’s Tale, and protesting a decision made by Supreme Court justices. It also attacked Chief Justice Brett Kavanaugh, calling him over-religious and distracted. In addition, the group had disrupted a church service, and Catholic groups called it disrespect.

Further, they protested outside the judges’ houses, calling them by different names and pleading for justice and threatening them for their wrong decisions. The Supreme Court’s address was leaked after her decision, and protests sparked protests that women are not birth machines.

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