Spurs are listening to business offers on Dijonte Murray and want a ‘jury holiday-like package’

Report: Spurs are listening to business offers on Dijonte Murray and want a ‘jury holiday-like package’– The NBA’s silly season is in full swing, as the days leading up to the draft are always rife with rumors as teams, players, and agents all try to take advantage of their various positions against each other.

After the Blazers landed Jeremy Grant in a trade from the Pistons for a future first-rounder, the NBA’s Hot Stowe kicked into high gear as forward posture and wit leaked into the public. There was Portland’s desire to land OG Annoybi with the seventh pick, a lot of rumblings about teams going up and down on draft night, and perhaps the most interesting news of them all came late in the evening as word announced another All-Star. Find your way in the broke market.

Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report offered a new notebook of information he’d heard includes the first indication that Spurs were open to discussing trade offers for All-Star guard DeJonte Murray, for a steeper price, than Atlanta. The team with the Atlanta Hawks referred to as the Hawks has gone the farthest from the road in discussion, as they continue to shop John Collins.

Spurs,Dijonte Murray
Spurs are listening to business offers on Dijonte Murray and want a ‘jury holiday-like package’

Spurs are offering to field Murray and have told several interested teams that it will take a “jure holiday-like package” for San Antonio to part ways with the 25-year-old Flor General, who is one of three first-round picks. Will set rough benchmarks. Any lover to free the undead. San Antonio’s most important discussion about Murray has been with the Atlanta Hawks, in a framework that would send Collins back to the Spurs, league sources told B/R.

Holiday’s trade for the Bucks famously broke the league-wide trade value scale, as Milwaukee was backed into a corner to salvage and strike a deal in the midst of the failed Bogdan Bogdanovic deal—which would eventually Bringing a title to Milwaukee came in handy. Murray is a charming player coming off a breakout year that saw him leapfrog into an All-Star with tremendous defensive chops and a growing array of offensive skills. Still, he’s not a particularly good shooter (last year’s 46.2/32.7/79.4 split) so the ideal position seems to be on a team with an elite shooter. That’s not an issue in Atlanta, where the Hawks would prefer to pair Trae Young with a defensively-minded guard who can shoulder some ball-handling duties, and Murray would clearly fit that role. Of course, the question is whether Collins’ inclusion in the deal will reduce Spurs’ request for three first-round picks, and that’s certainly stopping these discussions from getting particularly serious.

For Murray’s part, he’s doing what he can from Tuesday to generate some buzz for his eye emoji tweet, a tried-and-true classic for NBA players seeking to gain attention in the off-season.

From the Spurs’ point of view, acquiring Collins would not be a move considering a lengthy rebuild and it would be a bit curious, but the big man joined free agency from San Antonio a year ago and so the interest between the two is long. installed on time. If the Hawks take Collins elsewhere, as is expected on Draft Night, several other teams would love to add Murray, but it remains to be seen whether anyone is prepared to leave the likes of San Antonio this summer. .

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