What Happened to ‘Shark Tank’ Co-Founder Andy Thomas of Kettle Grip?

What Happened to ‘Shark Tank’ Co-Founder Andy Thomas of Kettle Grip:- Daniel “Dan” Sheppard and Andrew “Andy” Thomas, inventors of Kettle Gryp, were guests on Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 13. While their pitch was successful, the show’s end credit left viewers stunned and heartbroken.

Thomas, 47, died of cancer just a few months ago. At the conclusion of Episode 13, ABC and Shark Tank paid tribute. Shark Lori Greiner paid respect to the co-founder on her Twitter account.

The news was carried by the Shawangunk Journal, a local publication, while many were hunting for the cause of his premature death. A fan announced the news on social media.

“Andy is the co-creator of Kettle Gryp® and the Chief Executive Officer of Pangolin Design Group. Andy served in the United States Marine Corps for 20 years as a helicopter pilot. Andy is dedicated to bringing Kettle Gryp® to you since he has a passion for fitness and travel.

Sheppard and Thomas were classmates

After retiring, Thomas became the chief executive officer of Sheppard’s small firm, Pangolin Design Group. The high school friends had wanted to accomplish something together for a long time, but Thomas had already done so.

After mulling over several company concepts, the couple settled on Kettle Gryp. After Sheppard drew a sketch on a napkin, Thomas, a self-taught graphic designer, used Google 3D design tools to generate a preliminary draught.

Fans of ‘Shark Tank’ reacted to Thomas’ death in the following way

Lori Greiner, a shark, agreed to invest $300,000 in the portable weight grasp product in exchange for a 15% share. Calm Strips was the only other company to receive a deal from the sharks/investors, while The Blowzee and OverEZ Chicken Coops were left out.

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