Rolodoc Shark Tank Update, Recap, and Details 2022

Rolodoc Shark Tank Update, Recap, and Details 2022: The latest Rolodoc Shark Tank news is as follows – Dr Albert Amini and Richard Amini presented Shark Tank, a “social media app for physicians,” in episode 505, the season 5 premiere. According to the RoloDoc website, patients will be able to access a list of physicians to facilitate an interchange of ideas.

The Rolodoc app for doctors resembles Facebook in this regard. An app developed by two brothers and doctors in Arizona aims to make communicating with doctors “more entertaining and successful.” However, little information about the company’s operations is known. His company’s FAQ website is also empty. He’d just been on Facebook for a week before to his appearance.

Rolodoc Shark Tank Recap

Mark Cuban, Lori Grenier, Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, and Robert Herjavec are all enamoured with the Amini brothers.

Rolodoc, he said, is a kind of portal for doctors and patients. Patients can choose their providers and securely send their medical records through the Rolodoc website.

“What we’re attempting to accomplish,” Albert Amini explains, “is bring social media and social networks into the medical profession.”

At the time, two doctors were used as shark bait. He never specified how he would use social media or how he would communicate with doctors.

He never persuaded the sharks that Rolodoc was safe and maintained patient privacy when it came to loading medical details onto the platform. There was also no way of knowing if the doctors engaged were actually doctors.

The sharks swam away one by one. “That was the worst pitch ever!” Mark Cuban actually stepped up on the carpet and told the physicians face to face.

Kevin O’Leary had this to say about it: “When I die, protein is never wasted. And I’m willing to give up on a few doctors if it means the next few can make me money.”

RoloDoc Shark Tank Update

Let us tell you that the Rolodoc is still “the worst pitch in Shark Tank ever,” according to Shark Mark Cuban. In Shark Tank, the two doctors were unable to push their concept beyond the planning stages and demonstrate to Shark how it may help consumers and, more crucially, investors.

Without the Shark contract, the Amini brothers quickly abandoned their Rolodoc plans and returned to their own medical specialities.

Some of the possibilities are much better than others. The proposal for a new social media network was deemed dead on arrival by the sharks, and not even a couple of doctors could pique their attention.

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