Nerdle Answer Today June 23 2022: 155 Hints and Solutions

Nerdle Answer Today June 23 2022: Ever since Wordle has grown in popularity, many clone games have come into existence. While many of them just use a different interface style and thematic adjustments with the original game, some have attempted to really innovate the niche created by Josh Wardle’s word games. Quordal and Drordle are the obvious names when it comes to relaunching the game, but another game that is growing rapidly these days is Nerdal. Interestingly, Nerdles do not use words or letters at all. The game is based on numbers and challenges you to find out the mathematical equation of the day. And whether you just started playing the game and you need help or need some old timer who is looking for some clues to clear the level, these hints and clues will help you. And if those aren’t enough, scroll down for the solutions as well.

Nerdle Answer Today June 23 2022 (6/23/22): 155 Hints and Solutions

Nerdle 155 hints and clues for June 23
Step 1:
There are two operations in the equation today.

Step 2:
The answer to the equation is in single digits.

Step 3:
The operations used are addition and subtraction.

Step 4:
There are no repeated numbers.

Step 5:
The numbers used are (in chronological order) — 0, 1, 4, 5, 9.

Note: These are all clues for today’s nerds. We believe this gives you a great advantage in puzzle solving. However, if you are still confused, check the answer below.

Nerdle Answer Today june 23 2022

Today’s Nerdl’s equation is: 10 – 9 + 4 = 5.

We hope you were able to save your streak. Be sure to check out this space again for more hints and clues.

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