How to get documents attested in UAE

Hello, today I am going to tell you How to get certified documents in UAE, some people need to know Where can I get attest certificate in UAE? Let’s read the full details in the post.

The United Arab Emirates is a famous country that welcomes international visitors, workers and businessmen. Document verification in UAE is a necessary activity when planning a trip to UAE. This is an essential step in the certification process as it verifies the validity and genuineness of your papers and yourself. Verification for educational certificates in the UAE can be a time-consuming process.

As a result, it is beneficial to have your documents certified by experts. Authentication service providers have years of expertise and are well versed in technology. However, there are few reliable verification services in the UAE. It is also important to determine whether the verification agency is authentic.

Whatever your needs, here’s what you need to know about getting your papers verified.

What is document Attestation?

Obtaining a UAE Embassy Verification Stamp is a legal process, which verifies the verification of the document. Authentication of papers required to do business in UAE or obtain a visa in the country is known as UAE Embassy Verification. This is necessary as it will authenticate you as a legitimate person. Relevant content must be checked at multiple levels of government to achieve document verification. Only authorized persons can attest the documents.

What is the purpose of document verification?

We require document verification for many reasons, such as work visa, student visa, resident visa, or professional purposes. This is undoubtedly a recognition that you are an honest person/company visiting UAE without any malicious intent. This shows that your documents are genuine and that you are eligible to enter the nation.

Document Attestation in UAE

Document verification in UAE includes personal, academic and business papers/documents. This is a form of security that assures the UAE government of your credibility. While travelling for work or business, it will also develop trust between employers and employees or between two entrepreneurs.

Degree Certificate and Document Verification in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is not a member of the Hague Convention Abolition of Legalization Requirements for Foreign Public Documents (The Hague Convention). Consequently, document or degree certificate verification is a legal requirement in the UAE, without which a document is not considered genuine. Document verification usually consists of five (5) steps, starting in the country where the document was created. Following are the steps in sequence:

Step 1: Documents Notarized in Country of Origin:

Validating/certifying a document for use in the UAE begins with notarization. The notary ensures the validity of the document and the signature. When a document is signed in front of a notary, the notary is required to see the signature and any accompanying papers to prove the signer’s identity (i.e. passport). If a document is signed on behalf of a firm, the notary must show that the person signing it has the permission of the company.

Step 2: Verification in Country of Origin:

After that, a document is certified, which gives it a worldwide legal status. Apostille or Validation are other conditions for document verification. Signatories to the Hague Convention refer to verification only as an apostasy. Verification is done at the competent Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of the country where the document was created. By double-checking the notary’s information, this ministry certifies the paper. The document is then verified when the Ministry is satisfied that it has been properly notarized.

Step 3: UAE Embassy or Consulate Certification:

The document is attested by the UAE Embassy/Consulate in the country of origin. Before stamping the document with the seal of the UAE Consulate, the UAE Embassy/Consulate verifies that the Ministry concerned has duly attested it. The document is later brought to the UAE to complete the final step of the certification process.

Step 4 – UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs Certification (MOFA)

When the document arrives in the UAE, it is presented to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for verification. The MOFA checks the document to ensure it has been notarized, certified and confirmed by the UAE Embassy in the country of origin. MOFA will certify the document and give it legal effect in the UAE if they so desire.

Step 5: Translate into Arabic (Optional)

The document must be translated into Arabic by a professional legal translator approved by the UAE Ministry of Justice if it is to be delivered to any government authority outside the UAE’s free zones. As with the official translation, the original document is submitted to the UAE Ministry of Justice for certification after the translation is completed. Once validated, the document can be submitted to any government authority in the UAE. Arabic translation and verification by the UAE Ministry of Justice are usually not required unless a free zone authority requires the document.

How long does document Attestation take in UAE?

There is a long list of papers for which you want Attestation. The length of time required is determined by a variety of factors, including the country you seek legalization for, the type of papers you need, and the organization you need it from. It usually takes between a few weeks and a month for it to end. The factors mentioned earlier will continue to influence the passage of time.

What is the cost of UAE document verification?

The cost of verification in the UAE varies by state. This can be influenced by the urgency of the request as well as the location where the papers were received and the type of document, such as academic or commercial. Call our sales representative now to find out the actual cost of UAE Verification.

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