How to download Instagram Story? on your Mobile and PC

Hello friends, welcome to our new article, friends, today I will tell you how you can save an Instagram story with music in your mobile gallery. Yes, friends, you read it absolutely right, you can download your Instagram story. That too you can download Instagram story with music. If you also want to download Instagram stories with music. So I am going to tell you the complete process here. So read this article till the last. Let me tell you.

To download friends’ Instagram stories, you do not have to download any app in your mobile. All you have to do is post the story on your Instagram. And whatever song you want to put this music in it, you have to put it too. And after posting you have to copy the link of that story. To copy the link, you have to click on the three dots at the bottom of your story. And here you will get the option of copy link. By clicking on it, you have to copy the link of the story.

Now friends you have to go to a website. And you do not have to do much to visit this website. Below you will see the same story written in blue colour. You have to click on it and you will go to that website.

How to download Instagram Story
How to download Instagram Story

After going to the website, you will get the option to enter the link here. So you have to paste the link to that story here. Which story do you want to download on your mobile? Or want to save it in the gallery. So whoever you copied the link to the story. You have to paste it here. And click on the download button below.

After clicking on download, here you will be asked whether you are a robot or not. Here you will see it written. I’m not a robot and it has a box on its side. So you have to click on that box. Now there will be some processing here, so you have to wait here for a while.

Now here your Instagram profile will come in front of you. So you have to go down a bit. And here your story will also come. Whose link you put here. So you will see three dots in the story to download this story. You have to click on them. And now you have to click on download. So this story will be downloaded to your mobile too along with the song. This story will be saved on your mobile along with the song.

So friends in this way you can download your Instagram story with songs and music and save it in your mobile gallery. You can put it on your WhatsApp status. Or you can share it wherever you want. So I hope friends, you must have liked this article. Thanks for reading the article. Instagram Story Download link