How to Check GDRFA Application status at in 2023

The “GDRFA” electronic portal is available from the General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs, Dubai. which is working to provide all electronic management services online, including the GDRFA Application Status Inquiry Service.

How to see smart GDRFA application status today through this post. The correct way will be known. That’s why you stay with

How to Check GDRFA application status?

How to check Smart GDRFA application status: If you wish to inquire about the status of your application on the GDRFA portal, please follow the next steps.

gdrfa application status,
gdrfa application status
  1. Firstly, you can click on this link to access the GDRFA application status. ““.
  2. After that, choose Search by Application.
  3. Now enter your application number.
  4. Enter your valid transaction number.
  5. After that, choose the payment date.
  6. Choose I’m not a robot.
  7. Click on the search button.
  8. Then the GDRFA application status will appear.

GDRFA application Status App – How to Check

To check your Smart GDRFA application status by GDRFA installation app, please follow the next steps.

  1. You can download the GDRFA installation app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Download the GDRFA Establishment App from the Apple App Store.
  3. Now open the GDRFA installation app.
  4. After that, click on the Main Branch button.
  5. Scroll to select an application tracking service.
  6. Enter the Application Number and Transaction Number in the blanks.
  7. After that, choose the payment date.
  8. In the infinite, click on the Check Status button.

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GDRFA Over the Counter Service Applications portal

The General Department of Residence and Foreign Affairs has made Dubai available on the GDRFA Over the Counter Service Application Portal. For this, please follow the next steps:

  • Click on the given link to check the status of your GDRFA application.
  • Then select Search by counter service applications.
  • Now enter the application number and your mobile number.
  • After that, choose “I’m not a robot.”
  • Now click on the search button.
  • Whether GDRFA approves the status of Dubai or not, then you will know.


How do I check my GDRFA application status?

You can check the Gdrfa application status from its official website [], and you must provide your application number, valid transaction number, payment date, and others. After that, click on the Search button.

How long does it take to get GDRFA approval?

It takes a day or two to get GDRFA approval. But as the service reaches more and more people, It is taking more time to approve system requests. Don’t worry though, it won’t take more than a week. After that, you will get approval.