The CRA tax return scam is targeting Mississauga and Brampton residents

Tax season may be over but scammers are still out there trying to get taxpayers out of their personal information. One such scam is being claimed to be from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), and prompts recipients to reply for more details about their tax returns this year.

In the image below, the recipient’s number is blacked out. Canadian residents are advised that this is a fraudulent message and is not among CRA’s legitimate communications.

CRA tax return scam targeting Mississauga and Brampton residents
CRA tax return scam targeting Mississauga and Brampton residents

The CRA also says that it is regularly exposed to scams masquerading as the agency, including scams filing fake tax returns in your name and scams offering Canadians fake refunds.

These phishing scams collect personal information like your name, social insurance number, date of birth and may ask you to provide online banking information.

That’s why you “don’t reply to text messages or send them any personal information,” advises the CRA. “CRA will not use text messages or instant messages to start a conversation with you about your refund.”

When in doubt, residents should check if they have received any messages on their CRA My Account page, where taxpayers can manage their tax matters online and receive notifications from CRAs.

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