How to Apply for Amazon Influencer Program Application

Amazon has launched its Amazon Influencer Program in India, if you were already earning from Amazon Affiliate, now you can double your earnings with the help of the Amazon Influencer Program.

There is no need for you to start a shop or online store, you just have to promote the products of your choice to your followers and subscriber and ask them to buy that product.

Whenever your Followers or Subscriber buy that product, you can earn Up to 12% Commission.

What is the Criteria to Join the Amazon Influencer Program?

If you are a social media influencer and you have a good number of followers or subscribers on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, then you can join this program.

It is not necessary that you should already have an Amazon Affiliate account to join it. Even if you are completely fresh, you can join this program.

How to Join Amazon Influencer Program?

amazon influencer program
amazon influencer program

Step 1: First of all, you have to search in Google’s Amazon Influencer Program. After that, you have to click on the link with Amazon India (

Step 2: After going to the Amazon Influencer Program Joining Page, you will get the option to join through Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in the Join Now section.

Step 3: There you have to join by clicking on the social platform on which you have more Followers or Subscribers.

Note: Approval is being available quickly by joining through Youtube and Twitter.

Step 4: Next, you have to Singin or Signup to your Amazone Account, if you have an Amazon Affiliate account from the beginning, then Singin with that or create a new account by clicking on Create New Account.

Step 5: Approval is being received quickly by joining through Youtube and Twitter.

Step 6: In the next step, you have to allow the permission of the social platform with which you joined. Your Amazon Influencer Account will be given activated as soon as you allow it.

Step 7: After singing you will come to a page. Which is exactly the page of the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Step 8: And in this, you will get to see a new Menu – (Influencer). Where you will be able to manage your Amazon Influencer Page.

Step 9: Also, you will get to see your earnings, Overview, Status etc. below.

How To Add Products in Amazon Influencer Page

When you have created your Amazon Influencer Page, you will have to add products there. So that your Followers or Subscribers come to that page and buy the things of your choice.

Some things to keep in mind while adding products to Amazon Influencer Page:

Products should be related to the category, in which category you work.

Whatever products you add, first see its rating and comments.
Do not add products that are not necessary for your Followers or Subscribers.

Whichever product you want to add to your Amazon Influencer Program page, search it in the Amazon Search Bar, and add it to your store by clicking on Add to Wishlist.

To make your Amazon Influencer Program page more attractive and beautiful, do not forget to put your logo and cover photo.


According to me, this program can prove to be very good for all of us Bloggers, YouTubers, and other Social Media Influencers who have a good Follower Base, through which we and you can increase your earnings.

Along with this, you can also get great products to your followers.

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